Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Memories of Christmases Long, Long Ago - It's About Family

     We all know that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus.  Yet the gatherings, gifts, and dinners seem to be more about family.

     That seems Biblical, too, as the Bible tells us that in the time of creation, God created a family - Adam and Eve - and placed them in the Garden with His blessing to multiply.  And when it was time for the Savior to come into the world, Jesus was born into a family.  The Bible also refers to the Most High God as "Father", and our Savior as the "Son".  

     So Christmas truly is about family!  And that's what makes the memories so tender and so precious: memories of time spent together as a family, enjoying not just the food and gifts, but each other, too.  And why it is so painful when there is an empty place left with the homegoing of our loved ones.

     In all of my life, I have always had Christmas with my family.  Even after getting married and the years my husband and I lived in other states, my husband always got me to my parents' home for Christmas.  

     But this year, Christmas will be totally different.  For the first time ever, we will celebrate the holiday without either of our parents and we will not be gathering at the family homeplace.  New family traditions will have to be created, new memories made without Momma and in a different place.  I know in my head this must happen, but in my heart I'm already I'm homesick.

     Caregiver, while you still have your loved one with you, make memories!  Take photos of them, especially when others come to visit them.  If their mind is still clear, encourage them to talk about how Christmas was when they were growing up.  If you can, video them telling their stories.  These things may sound silly or too much trouble but it will make your loved one feel important and a part of the holiday.  And when that loved one is no longer with you, these things will be priceless.

     Cherish the moments for, like the Holiday Season, you will look around and realize they are over too quickly.  Don't take into your tomorrows the pain of "I wish I had", but rather, smile through your tears, "I'm so glad I did!" 

     Caregiver, remember that you are loved with an everlasting love.  Stay on your knees and keep looking up.

Shared in love,


Our Christmas tree from 1968 - cut from the woods ourselves!

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