Friday, December 30, 2016

Year's End

Photo courtesy of Wayne Watson

     Another year is ending, and it seems like it just began.  There have been so many things this year that have sent me to my knees, unsure of what the Lord was doing or how things would turn out.  

     On this New Year's Eve, I was reminded of something given to me a number of years ago:

We will face the new year as we have the last: on our knees and trusting in the Sovereignty of Almighty God.

     Stay on your knees, Caregiver, and keep looking up as Our God is still in control in this coming year ... just as He has been in each of the past ones.

       Shared in love, 



Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Away From Home - memories shared by Wayne Watson

Wayne Watson, taken "somewhere" in Viet Nam

Christmas is a time of memories: sharing favorite ones and making new ones.  In that spirit, I am posting here a story my husband shared with us at our family Christmas Eve Dinner several years ago.  It's a good reminder that you never know how a simple thing can impact someone's life.  Chris 


  It was December, 1969; Christmas in Viet Nam was coming.  First Christmas away from home and the ones I loved.  Missions were running as usual – the Viet Cong and the North Viet Nam Army were preparing for T.E.T. and most of us were a little tense to say the least.

Everyone was getting "care packages" from home and just like the rest, I received one, too.  And of all the things to get, it was a Christmas tree!  But not just a Christmas Tree – this one came complete with "SNOW"!  The little tree had tiny Styrofoam balls that blew up through the center of the tree and then fall gently onto and through the branches.  The "snow" was collected in the base and then it was blown back up through the center of the tree to make a continuous "snow fall".  It was the coolest thing any of us had seen in a long time!  It was unlike anything the rest of the guys received and we all really enjoyed it.

The most precious lady in the world cared enough for this 19 year old Marine, far away from home, to send something as special as this!  We set it up in the middle of the hooch (living quarter) and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.  Everyone asked if Mom had sent it and I told them, "No, it came from someone very special."  

But even I didn't realize then just how special she really was or that someday she would become my wife.  And a very special one she has been since our wedding day on November 28, 1970.  

Over this 46 year trip, I've been privileged to learn that acts of kindness like the one in 1969 were simply a way of life for her, and I thank God that she became my precious wife.

     Shared in Love,


Note:  The little Christmas tree is still a part of our traditions.  It's tiny, paper ornaments have been given an "upgrade"!  

Merry Christmas!