Monday, June 16, 2014

Remembering Marion Brown, by his daughter, Cindy B. Stepp

On this Father's Day, our cousin, Cindy Stepp, shared this about her father, my Uncle Marion Brown.

       Miss my Dad so much! He was so special to us. He was a very strong man who was always looking out for his family. He loved us and we always knew that. Family was so important to my Dad....he would always tell us that family is everything! He did not have it easy growing up....losing both parents by the age of 3. His grandparents raised him giving him the best they could. He was thankful to have them. He learned at a very young age that life is not easy and many times does not seem fair. 

     He took care of my Mom during her sickness never wavering to get her better. He became both Dad and Mom to us when she completed her journey here on Earth. He was determined to keep our lives as normal as possible. I watched him as he missed her so much but kept pushing on for us. 

     He encouraged us all the time to set our goals high and strive to reach them....walking every step of the way with us. He loved his grandchildren so much and was always involved in what they were doing. He was so proud of them! During his sickness he fought so hard. We took care of him every day staying by his side. 

     We looked up to him as children and still do...He will always be in our heart! Love & Miss my Dad every day! We will see each other again and what a special time that will be! 

     Shared in love,


  1. You described dad to a tee Sis. I use what he taught us on a Dailey basis. He was the ultimate dad. I miss him and love him much

  2. Kay Belcher SandersJune 19, 2014 at 5:46 PM

    That was so sweet!

  3. I heard of him doing acts of kindness for people in school while he was the principle. One's that were not able to afford tux's for prom, he took care of them. Making sure his name was never mentioned.

    1. Sounds so much like him! Thank you for remembering and sharing this, Crystal.


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