Tuesday, March 20, 2018

First Anniversary of Momma's Home-Going

Momma's Sister, Francis Brown; their mother, Lizzie Grubb; and Momma

     Today is the first anniversary of Momma's home-going.  It is hard for me to grasp that it has been one year already, especially with the way I still miss her.  There is nothing that I do that doesn't in some way remind me of her and all that she taught me.

     Momma loved kids and working with them.  For years she worked as a Teacher's Assistant in the Chesterfield County Schools as well as being a school bus driver.  Often I would be with her in a store and a young adult would come over to her and smile and ask if she remembered them from school or from the bus.  And more often than not, she would remember them by name!  

     And she taught children in Sunday School.  They loved her there, too.  One young man, Steven Irby, was so attached to her that he refused to be promoted from her class!  His mother would find him sitting outside the door to Momma's class rather than going to his new class.  They finally decided to let him stay in her class, which he did faithfully until he was a teenager.  

     Momma also worked with the Ladies Ministry at her church.  She preferred to work behind the scenes and never wanted recognition for anything she did.  But from time to time, she would agree to speak to the ladies.  Her wisdom and insight into God's Word and her willingness to share what Jesus had done for her was always inspiring and comforting to those of us who heard her speak.

     She loved to cook.  It was her way of nurturing and caring for us.  Like her own mother, she could take a little bit of anything and make a full, delicious meal!  

     Momma was so artistic.  She did all of the bulletin boards for her teachers at school as well as in her Sunday School room at Church.

     She loved to do ceramics and not only did beautiful ceramic pieces, but taught classes in the craft as well.  She was a patient teacher and could make you feel like you could do it, too.  Such an encourager!

     My Mother taught me to cook, to sew, to crochet, to keep house, to love, to be loyal, to be faithful, to love and seek the Lord.  She taught by her life and her actions, not just her words.   

     But of all the things she taught me, Momma never taught me how to live without her.  I'm having to learn that one grief-filled day at a time.  

     Tonight Momma's dear friend, Dessie Myers, and I talked and remembered Momma.  She reminded me that Momma is in Heaven, that her soul is at rest.  Mrs. Myers also reminded me that it won't be long before we all will be with her, just a little bit further down this road and we will round the bend and be at Heaven's Gate ourselves.  

     My journey isn't over, and though I no longer walk with Momma, Jesus still walks with me as He did with her.  Just a little bit further, and there will be a bend in the road and then ... Heaven and no more parting, no more grief, no more tears.   

     Until then, I remember Momma, and I cry. 


          My brother, Doug, gave Momma this Thomas Kincade calendar the last Christmas we had her with us.  It is still open to March and hangs in her bedroom just as it did last year when the Lord took her home.  I realized only today that the painting is a country path through a spring garden, and it reminded me of Momma's home-going on the first day of Spring and of the words of Mrs. Myers about the journey and the bend in the road.


  1. Wow how time has passed so fast. Praying sweet memories comfort you today.

    1. Yes, time has gone fast. Feels like it was just a few days ago that she went to be with the Lord. Please continue to pray for us. Cris

  2. Such a special picture! This is my Mom, Mamaw, & Aunt Audella. This picture was taken on my graduation day from high school in 1978. Miss them so much! Thank you so much for sharing it Chris! ❤️

    1. We had beautiful Mommas didn't we, Cindy. I miss all 3 of them so much!

  3. I can't even imagine how difficult the last year has been for you. Thank you for sharing more sweet memories of your precious mother.

    Thanks also for the book on prayer you gave me! That was so thoughtful!!! I started reading it while I was still at Dad and Mom's house. I appreciate all you've meant to our family and the church for so many years.

    1. Glad you wanted to read the book. I hope it is a blessing to you; please share it with anyone else that can benefit from it. And thank you for your prayers and encouragement. BTW, it's easy being good to your parents - they have always been good to us. Cris


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