Saturday, December 2, 2017

Memories of Christmases Long, Long Ago - Daddy's Childhood Christmas

School photo of Douglas Evans taken about 1935 or 1936

     In my post yesterday, I shared a story Momma wrote for me about how Christmas was when she was a little girl.  While her parents didn't have a lot of money, they made a home for her and her siblings and she had good memories of Christmas.

     But Daddy didn't talk much about how it was growing up.  His parents divorced when he was young and he didn't have the same kind of home Momma had.  I once asked Daddy what toys he received at Christmas.  He only said that he remembered a couple of times when he got a cowboy hat and a pair of cap pistols with a holster.  The other Christmases, he was given a new shirt or a new pair of trousers.  He didn't say much more, just that he guessed his parents did the best they could.

     When we were growing up, Daddy would be fussy when we decorated for Christmas.  But after the tree was up and Momma had everything festive and pretty, I would see him looking around under the tree at the gifts.  He would always find those with his name on them and then he seemed OK.  We were going to have Christmas, and he was included - everything was OK.

     Christmas always has a big place in our lives, making both good memories and bad.  And we carry those memories with us the rest of our lives.  

     Today, I want to remember Daddy and share memories of Christmas when he was with us.  Daddy was only 49 when the Lord took him to Heaven.  I have too few Christmas memories of Daddy.  And this Christmas, I miss him terrible. 

     Caregiver, you are making memories today that will last the rest of your life, long after your loved one is gone.  Do good things today to make warm memories for yourself and those you love, for they will have memories to carry into their tomorrows, too.

Shared in love,


Dad and Mom, Christmas 1975 -
our last Christmas with Daddy this side of Heaven


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