Friday, May 26, 2017

Dignity and Grace

Grandma Grubb and Mom

Mom at her home last Christmas

Austin, Will, Mom, Chuck, Jennifer, and David last Christmas
Chuck, Chris, Drake, Doug, with Mom at Drake and Amanda's Wedding

Long before Mom became ill with  Pulmonary Fibrosis, she was a woman of great character and strength.  She helped care for her sister, our Aunt Francis, until she passed; she took care of her Mother until she passed; she cared for our father until he passed; and she was always, always there for us kids and our families. 

I heard her talk often of her concern for us, but I rarely if ever heard her complain.  Even during the last 7 years of her life when breathing became a labor and drained her of strength, she never complained.  Mom always apologized that I had to do for her and even though I told her often that she was not a burden and that I loved doing for her, she never seemed to grasp that nor what a tremendous blessing it was for me to be her caregiver.  

Through everything, our precious Mother lived it all with Grace and Dignity.  And I am most blessed to have had the privilege of being her daughter.

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