Friday, August 23, 2013

Time and Relationships

I am task oriented.  My satisfaction is getting the task done.  I may have 10 things going on, but at some point I have to get something completed.  Nothing feels better than seeing the project done and the job finished!  

Recently my husband has wanted to sit on the deck after dinner and recount to me the details of his day.  I find myself setting there half listening to him and stressing because all I can think of is getting the dinner dishes done, the kitchen cleaned up for the day, etc.  I try to engage myself in the conversation but I would rather be doing than listening!

Today as I sat there sipping my iced tea and gnashing my teeth, I was reminded that Pastor said recently that Christianity isn't a religion, it is a relationship.  Jesus wants us living out our Christian life in an active way, but He also desires time with us, just being still before Him and LISTENING!  How often have I knelt in prayer only to find my mind leap-frogging over to the things I need to get done, prioritizing the tasks I will do when I "finish praying".

If you think about it, time is a very precious commodity.  We cannot manufacture more time, we only have the 24 hours the Lord gives each of us each day.  When that time is gone, it is gone.  There is no getting time back and none of us gets a "do over" on life.  When we choose to spend time with someone, listening to them and engaging in conversation, we are giving them and they are giving us a most precious gift:  each is giving the other a part of their life. 

Time is a coin; we must choose to spend it wisely because once spent, we will never have that time again.

So today I have the privilege of kneeling before the Most High God and meditating on His goodness.

Today I have Mom with me and she is not in great pain, her mind is clear, and we have the opportunity to talk together.

Today my husband wants to share the events of his day with me.

And today I will choose to make precious memories while I can.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

I feel the first post should be from my personal journal, and the one that inspired my blog's theme. Chris

Walking With Mom

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I remember as a child,
    Mom held my hand to help me down the stairs;
    she held my hand to steady me as we walked across the yard;
    she held my hand and walked slowly so that I could keep up;
    she held my hand as we neared the street to keep me safe;
    she held my hand to hold me close to her to protect me.

Today Mom walked to the mail box with me, and
    I held her hand to help her down the steps;
    I held her hand to steady her as we walked across the yard;
    I held her hand and walked slowly so that she could keep up;
    I held her hand to keep her close to me to protect her.

I know the role reversal is necessary, and it is probably the natural progression of our ages, but I still struggle with it.  And today my heart is heavy with the broken-ness of it.  Mom was always the constant in my life - always there, always ready to help, always ready to listen, always offering objective advice, always the stabilizing force for me no matter what was going on in my life - Mom and her love was the constant I could depend on.  And for some reason today the child in me so misses my Momma.