Helpful and uplifting books that I have read!

Daily Comfort for Caregivers
365 Devotional Readings
    Author:       Various
    Published:   2009
    Publisher:    Barbour Publishing, Inc.

    This devotional book was given to me by a precious lady at our church.
While she is not yet a caregiver, she is an insightful and caring lady who
reached out to me at a needful time in my life.

    As the title indicates, these are daily readings for those of us either in or
just coming out of the caregiving phase of our life.  Each devotional reading
is short, just one page per day, yet filled with "on-point" thoughts and words
of wisdom along with a Bible reading for that day.  They are designed to
focus our thoughts on the Lord and His provision and to remind us that we
are loved with an everlasting love.

    To quote from Day 33:  "...As we meditate on God's goodness, we bring
much-needed vitality to our frazzled beings. ... as we pray, we connect with
our heavenly Father, our ultimate Caregiver.  He loves us, understands our
challenges, and gives us the strength to carry on."


 A Table In The Presence, by Carey H. Cash

 A Pathway Thru Suffering, by Elizabeth Elliott

 Cold Case Christianity, by J. Warren Warner 

 God's Guidance, by Elizabeth Elliott 

  Through Gates of Splendor, by Elizabeth Elliott

 The Blessing of Brokenness, by Dr. Charles Stanley

 The Glorious Journey - Insight,  Encouragement, 
         and Guidance for Your Walk of Faith,  by Dr. Charles Stanley

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  1. "Coldcase Christianity" is a great read for a Christian or for someone seeking the truth about Jesus!


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