Friday, April 7, 2017

Mom's Earthly Journey Is Over

Mom and Me

Mother's Day Dinner at her Church

Mom at her Grandson's Wedding

     My precious Mother, Audella Grubb Evans, ended her earthly walk on Monday, March 20, 2017 - the first day of Spring.  She took her last earthly breath with all of us around her, loving her, and sharing every precious moment we had. We thank the Lord that she was not in pain but, as the nurse told me, with her lungs being completely scared over and the severe difficult breathing, she was very, very tired.  

     For almost 8 years, Mom's lungs were gradually being scared over by the pulmonary fibrosis that ended Mom's life. The scaring made breathing a labor and talking became very tiring for her.  So this lady who loved the Lord, loved her family, loved her church, loved to travel, enjoyed the company of friends, who taught children, taught ladies' classes, and continually counseled her family found herself withdrawing from society, hiding in the solitude of our home, talking on the phone when she could and ventured outside less and less.

     To those of you who knew her, please know that Mom was always touched by your cards and calls, even if she did not talk with you directly or for very long at a time.  She knew that you cared and it brought sunshine into her life.  

     We ask for your understanding and remember Mom from the days when she was involved with you.  Cherish her memory as we do and think often of the ways she influenced your life.

     For those of you who knew Mom only thru me, I so regret that you never met her personally and felt the sunshine of her easy smile.  You would have loved her, too.

                        Shared in love, 

                                          Her Children