Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Alzheimer's Communication"

          A friend shared this with me on facebook.  Mom and I are not in this situation right now. but I found this to have some very interesting things to consider.  

          Sharing it here to help someone else - and to remind me!  

My friend, Kelli, shared the following as a prayer request, but it is such a heartfelt description of what the family of an Altzeimers patient deals with on a daily basis.  These brave families need our prayers.

Kelli Swinney, facebook post 10/1/2015

Prayer request. Heading to check on my parents. My Dad seems to be adjusting to nursing home life. Alzheimers is a horrible disease.- it takes your loved one away emotionally \mentally long before you lose them physically. The grieving process begins much early. Not sure he will know me this time, been about 2 months since I have seen him. 

My is now moved into her own room at my brother's home. She has dementia as well and is getting worse but there's a difference... My dad knew he had dementia and understood that.. my Mom is in complete denial. She does not understand things at all and it's making things frustrating. She simply doesn't realize she has dementia. We are having a lot more trouble with her now than my Dad.

My prayer request is... pray for my Dad's health - emotionally \physically. Also that we could find a nursing closer to home. We have a 4 hour round trip to visit him-actually is out of state. Pray for my Mom's physical health and her emotional \mental health. Help her to understand more about what's going on. We can't get her to walk around, exercise, or do any chores or take care of her personal hygiene. She is getting weaker . She is no longer the person that raised me and my brother. It's heart - breaking to see her this way... fading away.

God has me... and everyone for that matter, a journey... a difficult one but I know that my God will be at my side every step of the way. This journey has drawn me closer to God.. more focused on the important things in life, He is teaching me something daily. .. some days I am not sure..but that's ok. God is in control.... I just claim 
              Philippians 4 :13. Pray for traveling mercies too.

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  1. Thanks for this info... we are struggling to follow this advise... especially myself and sister -in-law... it's hard at times... pray for us all to handle things better.


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