Friday, May 15, 2015

Momma's Prayer

Photo of a drawing done by our cousin, 
Ashley Stepp Hatfield

While helping Mom look for some documents, I came across a hand-written piece of paper.  Mom said it was something she wrote during a very emotional time in her life.  I share it here because it gives a glimpse into her love and devotion for us.

My Prayer for My Children

     Lord,  Help me to remember these things about You and my children:

               1. That I gave them birth, but You gave them life and made them a living soul.

               2. That my claiming them as a possession is wrong as You only lent them to me for a time.

               3. That You give instructions in Your Holy Word as to how to raise them and in my failing to follow Your instructions, they have been made to suffer along with me.

               4. That I love them so much, but You love them even greater, for You gave Your life that they may live forever.

Let this be my prayer each night that I will never forget Your existence and be a better mother for doing so.

I am so very grateful for my Mom’s dedication to the Lord and her commitment to be the best mother she could possibly be.  She has always been a nurturer, a comforter, and an intercessor, and the best Christian Lady I have ever known.

     I am so very blessed!  




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  1. You inspire me! Praying for you and your Mom! Love this article.


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