Friday, May 9, 2014

Acts of Love

Martha Walker and her mother, Cordia Dunn

This was written in 2002 when my Mother-in-law, Cordia Gentry Dunn, went to be with the Lord.                                            
                                     Shared in love, Chris 


Acts of Love

There are angels among us that we take for granted.  My sister-in-law, Martha Watson Walker, is one of those.  She doesn't see herself as an angel, and that is what makes her so special!

Martha is the only daughter that my mother-in-law had, and Martha was always there for Mom.  So naturally when Mom Dunn and my father-in-law were no longer able to take care of themselves, it was Martha that saw to it that they were moved next door so that she could care for them herself.  Then, as their health continued to deteriorate and the roles reversed, it was Martha that did the custodial care.  When Mom Dunn and Frank had to be placed in a continuous care facility, it was Martha that handled the details.  When the dementia took Mom Dunn's short-term memory, it was Martha that was there daily to care for Mom's needs, especially her emotional needs, even though Mom Dunn couldn't remember that this lady was her only daughter.

And when the Lord called Mom Dunn home, it was Martha that held Mom's hand and loved her as the last breath of life slowly released from Mom's lips and her body lay still.  It was Martha that was there to kiss the cheek, still warm with the last touches of life, and to whisper, "I love you."

Acts of love can be done spontaneously, out of necessity, and are often done out of duty.  But continually giving devotedly of oneself with no expectation of payment, reward, or thanks is CHARACTER.  And my precious sister-in-law is a Lady of tremendous Character - she is truly an Angel among us!

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  1. This is so very true aunt Chris and I'm so proud to be her daughter so many of the things she has taught me came from Granny and I couldn't have better role models.


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