Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Today Would Have Been Dad and Mom's 71st Wedding Anniversary

Dad and Mom just before they were married.

Dad and Mom on their last vacation.  Taken in 1975.
The last photo of Dad and Mom.  This was taken in April, 1976.  Dad went to Heaven that November.

     On November 14, 1946, Audella B. Grubb married Douglas C. Evans. Our parents would have celebrated their 71st anniversary today. If they celebrate wedding anniversaries in Heaven, Mom and Dad are celebrating today.

     Miss them both every day. Just wanted to remember them on their special day. 

     HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Mom and Dad. 

     Love and miss you both more than I can ever say, 



Dad and Mom celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary in 1976 while Dad was at MCV Hospital taking radiation treatments for his cancer.  I made them an anniversary cake and took it to them at the hospital.  Dad told me it was the most beautiful cake he had ever seen.  Mom, Dad, Wayne and I enjoyed the cake and Dad shared it with the interns and nurses that came in to take care of him.  

The Lord took Dad to Heaven two weeks later.  

Mom never remarried.  She remained a widow for 41 years.  She was a widow longer than she was a wife.

Last year, Mom and I were talking about that last anniversary she and Dad had together.  She remembered the cake but said the Hospital staff prepared it for them.  I didn't correct her.  It was enough for me that she remembered it and had good memories of that anniversary.  


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