Thursday, February 4, 2016

Snow Days

Photo courtesy of Chris Watson

Here in Virginia, we had a snow storm that was considered a blizzard, a part of that winter storm that the weather people named "Jonas".  Our snow began falling on Friday, January 22nd and it snowed all day, all that night, and all day Saturday.  We had over 14 inches of snow!  It was beautiful!  

I love to watch snow fall.  It's quiet, peaceful, clean. Comforting, in a way.  Standing in our kitchen with my hot cup of coffee and watching it fall was like being inside a Snow Globe.  I was mesmerized by it!  

And the best thing about all of that was that the Lord kept the electricity on all over the area!  We didn't have to power up the generator, go check on Mom's house, or get out at all! It was such a blessing!  We were able to be at home  and enjoy it!

It was a real Snow Day.  And Snow Days are "Free Days" - those things that you were supposed to do can't be done so you have a day that you're free to do other things!  That's the way it was for me those 3 days.  I was able to catch up on some cards I wanted to send, finished writing those "thank you" notes, sat down and watch the movie "War Room" with Mom, and just enjoyed the time – no real demands.

Years ago, I remember a lady saying that what helped her so much while going thru her cancer treatments was to take "mini-vacations".  They weren't trips to exotic places or resorts; they were times when she would not do things that she felt she had to do and go do something she just wanted to do.  For her, it was as simple as sitting in a lawn chair in the back yard with a glass of tea, closing her eyes and just taking long, deep breaths.  

That's what these Snow Days were for me: a mini-vacation.  Yes, Mom still needed attention and care, there were things I needed to do to care for my husband, I needed to prepare meals.  But I was also able to slip out with my camera and try my hand at photographing our evergreens laden with snow, to snap a shot of the sun peeking thru the clouds behind the red-tips, to stand there and listen to the QUIET all around me!  It was relaxing and refreshing!
As I am told often, caregivers are human, too, and need to take care of themselves.  Our Savior Jesus, understood this very human need.  He told John the Baptist's disciples when they came to him, "... Come ye yourselves apart ..., and rest a while..."  

So, Caregiver, ask the Lord to help you find a "mini-vacation" spot.  And when you do, take those few minutes and don't feel a bit guilty about doing it!  Our spirits need it ... even if it's just a stroll in falling snow, or a lawn chair and a glass of tea.  

  Caregiver, remember that you are loved with an everlasting love!  Stay on your knees, and keep looking up!

       Shared in love, 



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  1. Glad you got a little break during the snow days! Mom sent me a couple of pictures of their back deck and the snow was deep and beautiful!!


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