Thursday, March 19, 2015

I Became the Care Receiver

  A couple of posts back, I shared with you "Who Cares for the Caregiver", a post prompted by my Mom's question to me one evening. 

Well, I have found out first hand who cares for the Caregiver!  In my case, it was my Husband and my brothers - and all on short notice!  

Our household was hit with sinus infections and bronchitis all at the same time - and it was rough!  But after getting all of us well and over that bout, I became sick again!  

My younger brother left work and sat with Mom while my husband took me to the doctor where I found out that I then had a bacterial sinus infection.  It was so much worse on me than the first illness!  I was literally unable to drag myself out of bed except to eat soup and then head right back to bed.  I was useless to anyone, including myself!  

My husband became the Caregiver for both me and Mom - fixing breakfast and going for carry out for the 2 of them while I sipped soup and gaterade!  I am blessed with a good husband who loves Mom and me and who is willing to do whatever it takes.  He is my Hero, my Champion.

And then my other brother and his wife came by unexpectedly one day with a full dinner!  What a blessing that was!

This experience has shown me the truth of God's faithfulness: He will provide! 

I have learned, too, to never take the help given by others for granted.  It is a sacrifice on their part because everyone has a full schedule and are pushed to the limit most every day.  

If you have those in your life who are there to help you, then you are greatly blessed, too.  It may be a temporary help as with my brothers, or a 24 hour / 7 day a week help as with my Husband.  No matter - it's still a help and a blessing.

Who has helped you recently, either with a meal, a smile, a note, or a word of encouragement? Did you thank the Lord for them?  And can you give them a bit of encouragement, too? These are things I am trying to incorporate into my life and my walk: take nothing for granted, and encourage and help others if there is a way I can.

Caregiver, please remember that the Lord knows just where you are and what you are going through.  And you are not alone!  Stay on your knees and keep looking up!  




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