Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A trip to the emergency room ...

Winter in Virginia!

     Mom had to go to the emergency room last Monday night; she was lethargic, unresponsive, her hands trembled so much she couldn't hold a spoon, and she wouldn't eat or drink.  So we obviously thought it was dehydration but ended up being that she had a fever of 102.9.  The E.R. doctor said that in elderly patients, a high fever can mimic the same symptoms as dehydration. Sometimes this "on the job training" can be fearful and frustrating to me!  It did reassure me, though, that both the E.R. doctor and Mom's primary doctor that did the follow up told me I was right to act on what I felt was wrong and get her checked out.

     Sitting there in the E.R. that night, seeing Mom weak and unresponsive, really reinforced to me two things:  

     1.  Have a Medical Power of Attorney already in place.  All day Monday and especially that night in the E.R. Mom wasn't emotionally or mentally able to make any decisions for herself.  The Medical Power of Attorney that she had executed several years ago allowed me to be able to deal with everyone involved in her care, from the E.M.T.s that immediately responded to my call for assistance to the nurses and doctors at the hospital.  

          To have a document that will protect you and the person that you are caring for will require an attorney practicing law in the state where you reside.  It's worth the cost to have everything legal and proper.  And remember, it MUST be executed by the person while they are still mentally competent to execute it - it is something that shouldn't be put off.

     2.  You need to know that when the time comes for you to die, you have accepted the Lord as your Personal Savior and your sins are under the Blood, forgiven and forgotten by The Most High God. If you have any doubts about this, please read my page entitled "TELL ME ABOUT ETERNAL LIFE".  And accept Jesus as your Savior, settle the matter forever; please don't put it off!

     Caregiver, ours may not be the easy road, but it is the one that will give us the most peace and comfort when we reach the end of it.  And this road will end someday, as this is not our life forever - just for today.

     Stay on your knees and keep looking up!



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  1. Hope your mom is feeling better now!

    How precious is our salvation! The tip about having the Medical Power of Attorney is very important, so thanks for the reminder.


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