Monday, September 29, 2014

The Change of the Seasons - a Blessing from the Lord

  I have found that I prefer living in a region of the country that has seasonal changes.  Each season has it's own special qualities: spring with it's fresh new color and life after the bareness and cold of winter; summer with it's hotness that makes you just want to be lazy; autumn with it's crisp smells and beautiful colors of red, yellow, orange, and brown; and winter - cold, snowy, crisp!  All special and unique in their rightful time.

  Perhaps the Lord gives us the cycle of seasonal changes so that we can enjoy them over and over again.  Like eating!  You have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, over-eat to the point that you think you will never eat again!  And yet, you do get hungry again and you do want to eat again.  So you have the blessing of enjoying the delicious taste of that oh! so good pumpkin pie all over again!

     I find, too, that Autumn makes me most reflective, especially since we have been caring for my Mom.  It was in September that she was told she would probably only live about 6 months - and that was 4 years ago!  So fall is a very special time for me personally.  It reminds me again that our Lord Jesus is the one in control of our lives, He alone knows the number of our days.

  Caring for Mom has allowed me to appreciate some things in a way I never took the time to do before, and I have realized that I wasted far too much time on situations that turned out to not matter at all in the over-all scheme of things.  But the Lord has given me another change - a change of a season in a way - a chance to enjoy some things that I didn't get to enjoy before.  

I thank the Lord for the change of seasons, especially spiritually. We serve a great and loving Heavenly Father!  And I am just beginning to learn of His great grace and forgiveness.  

  Caregiver, the Lord has given you today; He has something special in it for you and thru you.  If you are in a changing of season in your life, trust the Lord to make the most of it spiritually as He already knows what He wants to accomplish in this season.

     You are not alone, and most of all, remember that you are loved with an everlasting love.   So, stay on your knees and keep looking up!


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  1. I so miss the seasons in Virginia!! Every year I have to remind myself that September in SC doesn't mean the same cooler temps that it did growing up in VA. :)


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