Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Cup of Cold Water

water jug : Jug and glass

"... a cup of cold water ..." Matthew 10:42

I think all of us who are Christians and involved in some ministry want to be greatly used of the Lord and sometimes envy ladies that we see being used in mighty ways.  The Lord calls some ladies to stand before large groups at conferences and share such profound truths that hearts are stirred and the ladies are motivated to go out and do great things.  The Lord gives other ladies the open door to write numerous books that inspire and encourage ladies, or to write a moving novel to entertain.  

There is a Bible truth taught by our Lord in Matthew 10:42 that was shown to me  dramatically in the past few days.  This Bible truth says that if we give something as small as a cup of cold water to someone that He brings across our path in their time of need, we are doing it for Him and it is what the Lord desires us to do.

My Mom has been doing well, things in our home are good, but sometimes when everything is good, I tend to forget that Mom's condition is not going to improve.  Then something will happen that will remind me that my time with her is very limited.   And I get emotional and the slightest thing makes me cry.  That's the way it was all last week and by Sunday, my emotions were "raw".  I had been crying when I got to church Sunday morning and the Pastor's message kept me in tears.    

After the morning service, a dear friend came to me.  She knows where I am as she cared for her mother who had had a stroke and was confined to a bed until she died.  This lady hugged me and talked with me for a few minutes, reminding me of the Lord's concern and help, and that I will get thru this.  This lady gave me a cup of cold water.

Before the evening church service, another friend shared with me about her care giving of her wheel-chair bound husband and his recent surgery.  This friend's situation is much more "hands on" than mine and much more intense, and yet she shared with me how the Lord has provided emotionally for her and given her such peace in her spirit as He helped her thru a very difficult life change situation.  Her smile, her uplifting spirit, her surrender to the Lord encouraged me and reminded me that the Lord works in ways that we don't always understand today, but that He is working.  This lady gave me a cup of cold water.

And just yesterday, I received a note from another lady in our church.  The note was short one, saying that she could see that I was upset Sunday and wanted me to know she was praying for me.  She also shared a Bible verse that encouraged her during her dark time.  It was Isaiah 41:10, "Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness."  This lady gave me a cup of cold water.

Cups of cold water ... just what my thirsty spirit needed even though I didn't realize it until I received the drink.  Each cup reminded me that our Lord knows the path He has chosen for me to walk, that this is a season in my life, and on those days when the valley is dark and long, the Good Shepherd is with me working out those things in my life that will be for His glory and my best good.

I have been given cups of cold water.  My spirit has been refreshed and renewed.  These three ladies don't stand before multitudes at conferences.  They minister quietly in gentle ways, giving of themselves and asking nothing in return.  They obeyed the Lord's leading and they helped set my world in order, encouraging me to continue on my path.  They are my spiritual heroes of the faith.  

Care giver, please remember that you are not alone, that you are loved with an Everlasting Love.  Stay on your knees and keep looking up.  



  1. what a uplifting post.. Thanks Chris for posting it. It reminded me, I am not alone... the Lord is with me every season of my life -- even having to handling aging parents. Thanks.

  2. what a nice way to wake up. Reading and just seeing it all. I Love you Chris Thank you for sharing

  3. Such a helpful post!! Thank you for once again sharing your heart!

    Another big thanks for the lovely framed picture and quote - always a sweet reminder of you and of my awesome responsibility as a mother.


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